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Software Defined Datacenter Solutions

Software Defined Datacenter Solutions

Software Defined Networking

One of the Software Defined Data Center Solution in the form of Software-defined networking is set to change networks for good. Local area networks, wide area networks, data center networks, and service provider networks are becoming more intelligent, programmable, and automated. In time, they’ll be centrally controlled through software and no longer manually configured at the device level. Networking devices are themselves changing to be an active element of this software based environment. The potential implications – and benefits – of this for your business are considerable. But every user organization is unique and, to a certain extent, so is every network. Galaxy can help you understand the developments of software-defined networking within the context of your business objectives, and map the best way forward.

A well-implemented software-defined networking strategy will help your organization in the following areas:

Data Centre: to manage the high degree of change necessary on the network to support virtual workloads, reduce the complexity of the network in the data center, and allow for automation and orchestration of network configurations.

Campus Network: to provide context-based unified wired and wireless access for improved management of the connected users and an improved security posture

Wide area network: to provide dynamic virtual private network connections on demand, which could be used for a variety of purposes, including a cloud connector that dynamically connects to a cloud provider on demand

Software Defined Storage

One of the Software Defined Data Center Solution in the form of SDS gives you fast, resilient and scalable storage, without having to invest in proprietary SAN hardware, or compromise performance with a software SAN. SDS results in lowering total cost of ownership by 50% or more with capital and operational savings. Reduce storage CapEx with software-defined storage that leverages server-side economics and affordable flash. Avoid large capital expenses by growing-as-you-go with on-demand, granular scaling of compute and storage that delivers predictable performance and costs. Decrease operational expenses with the rapid deployment of compute and storage infrastructure. Manage the day-to-day operations of compute and storage in one tool and by one team. Additionally, accelerate responsiveness to traditionally time-consuming tasks, from troubleshooting to performance tuning, with intelligent analytics, advanced monitoring and VM-level automation.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Simple and innovative, all-in-one virtualization solutions integrate compute, software-defined storage and software-defined intelligence so you can deploy VMs at cloud speed, simplify IT operations and reduce costs. The hyper-converged infrastructure appliance market has moved into hyper-speed with an increasing number of vendors entering the competition. Analyst firm IDC in a late 2014 report said it considers hyper-converged infrastructure to be a fast-growing, fast-changing emerging market”. We closely work with leaders in Hyper-convergence space like Nutanix, EMC-VXRAIL & Cisco-Hyperflex.

Software Defined Data Center Solution in the form of Hyper- convergence Makes IT Easier: In 2001, VMware started a revolution. By virtualizing x86 servers, they changed IT service delivery. But the rest of the IT infrastructure in the data center has not kept up. Hyper-converged infrastructure addresses the cost and complexity of legacy infrastructure and is one of the fastest growing segments in the $107B IT infrastructure market.

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