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IT Virtualization Consulting Services

Minimize IT Costs and Augment Your Business with Dev Sytems Consulting Services

An Introduction to IT Virtualization

Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of a server or computer system using software rather than hardware. It enables multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single machine.

Virtualization aims to centralize administrative tasks and reduce hardware costs while improving scalability and workloads.

Virtualization is based on the concept of partitioning wherein, a single physical server is divided into multiple logical servers, which in turn, run operating system and applications independently.

Our services are more cost-effective, reliable and secure compared to on-site systems while offering the same gamut of services.

Dev Sytems Virtualization Consulting Services

Dev Sytems provides viable consulting services for companies, based out of United States, looking to increase productivity while reducing IT infrastructure costs. Switching to virtualization helps in controlling workloads across data centers in addition to reducing energy consumption and IT infrastructure.

Dev Sytems Virtualization Consulting Services deliver end-to-end solutions with its expertise on market-leading platforms such as VMware. With proven excellence, we can help organizations in switching over to a virtualized IT environment and meet the demand for more efficient IT operations.

Our portfolio of Consulting Services includes:

Application Virtualization

Here, the applications get virtualized and are streamed from a server to the end user’s device. It is the process of grouping physical storage from multiple network storage devices so that it performs as if it is on one storage device.

Desktop Virtualization

It is a method that separates a computer’s desktop environment from the physical computer. It is mostly used in the data center, where personalized desktop images for each user are hosted on a data center server.

Hardware Virtualization

This refers to the creation of virtual (as opposed to concrete) versions of computers and operating systems. It aims to run different operating systems on the same hardware and lets more than one user to use the processor simultaneously.

Network Virtualization

This refers to the method of combining the available resources in a network by dividing the available bandwidth into independent channels, each of which can be assigned or reassigned to a particular server or device in real time.

Operating System (OS) Virtualization

It enables organizations to have a single server that can run multiple OS’ instead of having a dedicated server for each OS.

Server Virtualization

It is a method of partitioning one physical server into numerous virtual servers, each of which run its own operating system, applications and functions as an independent server.

Features of Dev Sytems IT Virtualization Services

Dev Sytems offers customized IT Virtualization consulting solutions that are perfectly in sync with the business needs of customers. Our domain experts help you in deriving the benefits of virtualization for all mission-critical business applications.

Improved agility: Our services enable the accelerated virtualization of critical business applications in addition to improving storage I/O performance.

Boosted productivity: We are focused on simplifying storage management and hardware consolidation to ensure higher productivity.

Advanced resource optimization: We ensure advanced levels of resource optimization by combing the available resources and dividing the available bandwidth into independent channels.

Backup Support and Disaster Recovery: The foolproof backup and disaster recovery plan ensures proper management and storage of the critical customer data.

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