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Network Security Solution

Network security management is more challenging today than at any time in recent decades, but superior network security solutions can help to make the task much easier. Our team of security professionals, thought leaders and subject matter experts has provided enterprise and network security solutions for clients of all sizes across multiple industries.

Our network security team can help you evaluate your current infrastructure and create a plan to implement the network security solutions, services and products to achieve your security and business objectives.

Our network security solutions and services include:

  • Technology assessments to validate technology decisions and identify the best fit for your environment
  • Network mapping services to improve visibility by identifying and mapping unknown parts of the network
  • Training services to improve security by providing your staff with just-in-time learning
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Data Security Solution

Data security challenges are getting more sophisticated as IT technology and the Internet evolve. The need to protect your data and applications evolves at this same rate. We bring key services and solutions that successfully support and integrate with your infrastructure, including next generation firewalls, vulnerability management, data encryption solutions

You know your business, your application security and data security requirements better than anyone, so we’ll start the process by listening to your needs and learning from your insight about your business and process flows. We’ve found that a solid relationship with our customers built on collaboration leads to the best security solutions.

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Email Security Solution

Electronic email security is a constant concern for your organization today, especially with so many major security breaches in the headlines. Targeted attacks like spear-phishing take email security threats to a whole new level, requiring advanced layers of protection. But with routine threats like spam and malware still present, you need broad protection to address all areas of email security.

Dev Systems provides a platform of email cloud services for advanced business email management solving the security challenges posed by an evolving landscape of threats. With Dev Systems you can achieve unparalleled email security without extra expense, and without the need to deploy additional hardware or software.

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Enterprise Security Solution

With sensitive data residing everywhere, organizations becoming more mobile, and the breach epidemic growing, the need for advanced identity and data protection solutions has become even more critical.

With Dev Systems, organizations can take a data-centric approach to their security posture, all while controlling access to the infrastructure and applications they rely upon. Not only can they​ create trust and authenticity in their transactions, but they can ensure that sensitive data is protected and controlled — both on-premises, and in public and private clouds. In addition to a heightented level of protection, enterprises are also able to improve business efficiencies and scale to the identity and data protection needs of tomorrow​​.​

  • Enable secure access to online resources and protect digital interactions with market-leading strong authentication and digital signing solutions.
  • Protect your enterprise's sensitive data wherever it resides or is transmitted with data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption solutions.
  • Secure your cryptographic keys with enterprise key management, centralized crypto resource management, and the use of a hardware root of trust.
  • Maximize security and control in the cloud, migrate to new services with optimal flexibility, and fully leverage the cloud's business agility.
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Mobile & Endpoint Security Solution

Enable greater user productivity and business agility with secure mobility solutions that protect networks, devices and data — while enhancing the end-user experience. We've designed our comprehensive, integrated mobility solutions to:

  • Protect the network, devices and data end-to-end while reducing complexity and risk
  • Eliminate silos by sharing intelligence between key mobile security functions
  • Remove barriers to mobile usage for end users, with transparent security and ease of use
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Surveillances and Access Control

Our security solutions provide three levels of protection: CCTV, Access Control, and Systems Control. With every project, our industry-certified security engineers execute a complete assessment of your premises to establish CCTV points of surveillance, which provide 360 degrees of audiovisual coverage. Our specialty is not only providing extensive security protection of popular points of access, but we establish a perimeter beyond the expected scope, leaving zero compromised areas.

Just as important as CCTV surveillance is Access Control. Using innovative biometric scanning technologies such as retina, thumb, and palm scanners, as well as traditional ID scanning systems and keypads, we are able to deny any unwanted access to any location.
Integral to the optimal operation of both CCTV and Access Control systems is a custom programmed control interface. Utilizing audiovisual and remote technologies programmed into an intuitive customizable interface, our systems provide the operator with complete control of the premises’ surveillance system from virtually anywhere.